Cher in Burlesque

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The new movie musical Burlesque marks the 24th year that make-up artist Leonard Engelman has worked with mega-star Cher (their first film collaborations included The Witches of Eastwick and Moonstruck). “Working with an icon like Cher is always a wonderful opportunity to create,” Engelman said. The Burlesque storyline offered “the opportunity to develop several looks for Cher, from daytime looks all the way through to this look, which is the first time you see her in the film. Isn’t it interesting that this is the first time Cher has sung in a film?”


Skin Care
TaUT Perfectly Taut Facial Masque combined with TaUT Aloe Vera Gel Treatment
TaUT Feather Lite Foundation in Beige and Bisque (mixed)
TaUT Skin Care Concealer in Medium and, where needed, Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in D4W
Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder in Fair for setting and, where needed, Lancôme Dual Finish Powder in Matte Bisque
TaUT Skin Care Blush in Berry, accentuated with Smashbox Blush Rush in Passion and the edges blended off with Shu Uemura Paradis Fluos in Pink Hibiscus
Eye Shadow
Upper lid: TaUT Eye Shadow in Natural, Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Tender Pink; sculpting with Janelle Mignon in Plum Café, TaUT Eye Shadow in Black and Make Up For Ever Star Powder in #917 and #90950, M.A.C. ‘60s Glitter Eye Brilliants in Neon and Pink. Under eye: Janelle Mignon in Plum Café with TaUT Eye Shadow in Black, edged with TaUT Watermelon Blush and M.A.C. ‘60s Glitter Eye Brilliants in Neon.
Eye Liner
Ben Nye Eyeliner Pencil in Onyx Black at inner corner of the eye only
TaUT Perfect Brow Control, Eberhard Faber Pencil in Ebony Jet Black Extra Smooth and Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil in Black
Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara – Volume in Rich Pitch Black
False Lashes
Upper: Two pairs of M.A.C. #33 lashes (width of the second lash narrower than the first), lower: M.A.C. 33 Lash upside down; Make Up For Ever Color Liner in #26 Iridescent Plum [try Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 4L - Shimmering Plum], dotted at inner and outer corners of lashes to extend the look
TaUT Lip Pencil in Burgundy, Laura Mercier Crème Lip Colour in Truly Red, M.A.C. Dazzleglass in Extra Amps
Highlights / Countour
TaUT Subtle Contour Blush

Compliments of MAM.


Beauty Astrology

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Your Makeup and Beauty Blog Horoscope for January 2011

Your Makeup and Beauty Blog Horoscope for January 2011

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Now, more than ever, caring Capricorn, you know what must be done. Act with a sense of purpose, and start the year off right. The New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn will help you focus on your positive qualities, no matter what challenges rise to meet you. Saturn in Libra could signal obstacles at work, but you’re stronger than you often realize and will overcome each and every one. With your nose to the grindstone this month, keep your at-work beauty kit fully stocked with quick pick-me-up products, like a new toothbrush, a luxurious hand cream and/or a new lipgloss or two — little things to cheer yourself up on particularly hectic days.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
Mars and the Sun will shine upon your sign later this month, awesome Aquarius, filling you with confidence, energy and strength. Utilize their power to tackle new challenges. Now would also be a great time to start an exercise class or a workout regimen. Pick up some new workout clothes and waterproof makeup, and if weather permits, consider running, cycling or walking outside to help you get fit.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
With so many forces influencing the sign of Capricorn this month, choose your path wisely, pretty Pisces. The goals you set for yourself this month should be solid and achievable. Reward yourself for each small victory with a new nail polish or gloss, or save up and treat yourself with a bigger beauty splurge at the end of the month.

Aries (March 21- April 19)
Begin the year dressed for success, alluring Aries, and choose a work-friendly makeup palette. With help from the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto traveling through Capricorn and your Career Sector this month, expect to make major strides at work.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Prime that pucker, tempting Taurus. Keep your lips exfoliated, and buy a new lipgloss in your favorite date night shade, because Venus in Scorpio promises an exciting romantic adventure. Expect a highly charged month filled with wanton desires and passion!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
If your regular makeup rotation feels stale, gorgeous Gemini, make room in your makeup bag for fun this month. Two words: new colors! :) Neptune in Aquarius are enhancing your creativity, so take a chance on a few shades from a makeup line you’ve never worn before.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You’ll could be busy at work this month, charming Cancer. Your career will keep you on your toes, and you may have the chance to travel or participate in outside meetings. Before you leave for your trip, consider replacing your old makeup bag with something stylish, streamlined and cute. You’ll appreciate having something nice in which to store your beauty treasures while you travel.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
A whirlwind approaches, lovely Leo, and you’ll be extra busy at work. Not to worry — with the New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, you’ll also be hyper-organized and productive. Consider adding a long-wearing foundation to your beauty routine, since you might find yourself working long hours, and treat yourself to a stylish low-maintenance haircut (one that’s both professional and pretty).

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Relaxation is the name of the game for you this month, vivacious Virgo. Book a deep-tissue massage, sip relaxing herbal teas, and perhaps stock up on calming essential oils, because the planets are trekking through your Romance and Creativity Sector, and that means you may feel pressures in both parts of your life. Be mindful of taking time out of your schedule this month for necessary rest and relaxation.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
This month you’ll be crossing your tees and dotting your eyes, lovely Libra, as the January 4 New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn will help you stay organized. If you’ve been thinking about overhauling your makeup or beauty stash, don’t delay. Take stock of your inventory, and if you find glaring gaps in your collection, now is the time to fill them in.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Take care, sweet Scorpio, as Venus in Scorpio through January 7 will put your emotions on overdrive. It means more passion in your life and a greater ability to express your feelings, but it also means you may be more sensitive and emotional than usual. Keep your favorite date night makeup on hand, just in case, but also invest in a waterproof mascara, too. You never know when you might feel like shedding a few tears (hopefully, they’ll be tears of joy!).

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
You’re going to have a great month, stunning Sagittarius. :) As Venus moves into Sagittarius on January 7, your cup of love connections will runneth over! Interpersonal relationships will improve, and as the Sun and Mars move into Sagittarius later in the month, you’ll feel more confident, optimistic and alive! Express this new found energy with a bright new lip color, perhaps in a va-va-voom shade of red, orange or pink.

May the stars be with you,
Compliments of Karen from her Makeup and Beauty Blog


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Reminder: Golden Globe Awards

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Hosted by Ricky Gervais. NBC- Sunday, Jan. 16th at 8 EST/5 PST.


Yay! I will be setting my DVR!
Check back here after the show for discussion on the big night.

# 1 OPI Manicure Scrub
During the winter months your body loses moisture due to the colder weather and wind. It’s especially important to moisturize your skin to keep it protected from the elements. Keeping your skin moisturized will also keep it’s youthful appearance. OPI Manicure Scrub is a great product with a semi floral/fresh scent. Natural ultra-fine water-dissolving sugar crystals gently exfoliate away dryness to leave hands smooth and glowing. This product can be used two ways.  You can apply the product to dry hands then rub your hands together (the particles are coarse so rub lightly to avoid skin irritation) this will give you the strongest scrub. Srub then rinse! You can also apply it to damp hands which will dissolve the particles and give a softer scrub.


#2 Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
Once the dead skin is removed its good to moisturize the renewed skin with a great moisturizer. My new favorite moisturizer is Cetaphil it does a great job of locking in moisture without leaving a greasy residue.


#3 Lock in the Moisture
These gloves by Earth Theraputic are amazing.  They are infused with Aloe and Vitamin E. Yes, you will look a little goofy wearing gloves to bed but it’ll be well worth it in the morning when you open your eyes to touchably soft hands. Your significant other will love intertwining there hand with yours especially when the texture is of silk. Don’t forget first impressions! handshakes are the norm during introductions so be confident knowing your hands are smooth and presentable. I purchased my pair in tan (first pair on the left) I LOVE pink but in this situation I wanted something that would blend into the color of my skin. The most (and I put this in quotes ha ha) “natural” I could get for wearing gloves. They are very soft and comfortable, you won’t even notice your wearing them.


#3 Lock in the Moisture

These socks from Bath and Body Works are extremely cozy. Not only do you feel like you’re walking on clouds but you also get the added benefit of  Shea infused and Vanilla scented. Yes, I said Scented!! and I was totally “that girl” in the store sniffing all the socks! You can also do Step # 1 and # 2 with your feet (scrub and moisturize) then slip on these warm and cozy socks.


Below are the pair I purchased. I thought they were fun with 3 different colors each on the top, heel and toe. I also loved that they were long and didn’t just end at the ankle. This provides extra warmth. I also purcahsed a few to give as stocking stuffers.
Super cute!!



Makeup Books

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Makeup books have always been a great educational tool to teach the every day woman makeup application, skin care and industry tips and tricks. The newest book to hit the shelf is Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown which she described as a beauty bible for teenage girls and young women. Offering down to earth advice on everything from maintaining healthy skin to achieving beautiful makeup, hair and nails while emphasizing the qualities of Natural Beauty. Beauty Rules contains advice on topics ranging from braces to eyeglasses to mother/daughter relationships. This booked is packed with more than 300 photographs as well as insider beauty tricks, before and after make overs and advice from industry professionals, models and experts.  It claims to be a “must have for young readers”


In a hurry? with that in mind  Express Makeup by Rae Morris was released. The book culls Morris experiences as Makeup Director for Australian Fashion Week, where the ability to create beautiful makeup in a fast-paced backstage environment is crucial. Morris wrote the book with working woman in mind. She offers step by step photos and instructions for quickly applying different makeup looks.


For all you animal lovers out there. Urban Decay has created a line of cruelty-free, vegan Makeup Brushes Good Karma Brushes. They are made with a soft synthetic material and recycled aluminum. The line contains brushes for every need; smudgers, contouring blending and more. Natural hair brushes have always been known in the industry as being the softest. I don’t know how these Vegan brushes will compare but it’s a great alternative. If you have used this line of brushes, leave a comment and let us know what you think.



Merry Christmas to Me! Part 1

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So within the month of December I treated myself to some goodies. In the (Product Deals and Discounts) category I posted the Stila Cyber Monday Warehouse Sale where most items were up to 80% off. There was no way I could let such a great deal pass, with out making some purchases.

My List

cheek color pan “heat”
cheek color pan “clay”
cheek color pan “dance”
sheer color tinted moisturizer
lip glaze “lemongrass”
lip glaze “mango”
all over shimmer liquid luminizer   (off white)
illuminating tinted moisturize  shade 01
illuminating tinted moisturize  shade 02
sheer color tinted moisturizer  (med.)
hydrating primer spf 15
Barbie pot trio

Smudge pot collection(  Black , Kitten, Violet, Starry Night)
Champagne toast kit (includes full size Lip Glaze in Kitten and full size Eye Shadow Pan in Kitten and Illuminating Finishing Powder in Gold )

The items in this order that really made me jump for joy were the Hydrating Primer which retails for $34, I got it for $11. That’s a $23 savings!! The price was so amazing that I purchased one for my professional makeup kit and one for myself.
The other great item was the liquid luminizer that I purchased a while back in “Gold” from Sephora for $22. With this Sale I was able to get it in “Off white” for $8.
All the items purchased I got at an amazing price.
I was soooo excited when I received my order in the mail.

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Merry Christmas to Me! Part 2

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Christmas is a time to give so why not give to yourself? You deserve it.

For over two months I was on the hunt for riding boots. It seem that every store I visited the heel was too high which is not the traditional look of a riding boot OR every designer cross breed the riding boot with a cowboy boot. Finally after searching high and low I found my boots at Nordstrom. The photo looks alright but they are a lot cutter in person.


I also purchased a pair of Marc Jacob sunglasses in brown. On each side there is a gold band that has Marc inscribed. I also bought a pair of Armani glasses which are a mix of black and gray. The Armani case did not fit in the photo but it is black with gold trim. Super cute.



Argyle Print

My Turquoise and Black Argyle Nails



Below are the nails of a Gal who was working the register at a store I was shopping at. Her nails caught my attention and had us talking for 10 minutes before I looked around the other end of the register where there was a line of customers patiently waiting. We were so wrapped up in our conversation, we hadn’t even noticed.  Ive never seen anything so intricate and unique. The glitter isn’t painted on the nails, its actually created by hand within the acrylic itself. There were different shapes and sizes of glitter on each nail. The way the glitter was created “within” the acrylic,  gave the appearance of a snow globe. I thought if she moved her nails the glitter would float around. Although that was not the case, her nails were extremely cool. Hmm.. now if only a nail artist could create the floating glitter. Personally I would have cut the length a lot shorter but then I guess you wouldn’t get the whole effect huh!? Although I cant remember the city where she had her nails done, its out side of LA maybe 45 minutes. From the uniqueness of her nails, I can say the drive is well worth it.

Click on photo to enlarge